5 Most Interesting Facts About Facelift Surgery

Do you feel that your face doesn’t reflect the youthful spirit & energy level that it once had? Ageing gravity, sun exposure and heredity are taking their toll on your pretty face? Then facelift is just the right procedure for you, as it is a surgical procedure to tighten the wrinkles & sagging skin on the face and even neck. It is performed to rejuvenate the overall appearance of the face. There has been a plenty of talk & several rumors about various types of cosmetic treatments, including the Facelift. Following are few of the most surprising facts about the Facelift procedure:

  1. A facelift procedure improves your overall facial appearance, that too in the most natural way. You don’t need to worry about wrinkles anymore. Today the experts have truly perfected the art of repositioning the facial structures thereby making their patients look around 10 to 15 years younger. A successful facelift not only tightens & lifts your jawline, but also lifts the saggy skin around the neck. This further lifts the facial structures & makes it look flawless by regaining the youthful glow.
  2. During a facelift surgery, you shouldn’t expect that wrinkles, aging spots would be entirely removed, as the facelift is meant to reduce wrinkles & skin folds, however, it doesn’t remove them completely. Other treatments are also available to improve the age spots, wrinkles, etc. Many individuals also combine facelift with other treatments like Neurotoxin & fillers, as they help in removing the wrinkles that don’t vanish after the facelift.
  3. Facelift aims at correcting the face completely. A facelift surgery improves the overall appearance of not only the face, but also neck, jowls, jawline, etc. If you want to improve the appearance of your eyes as well, then it is a good idea to combine your facelift with a brow or an eyelid. However, for some it might appear a little tough decision to make, that is, getting both the surgeries performed at once. But it is indeed a great way to combine both the recoveries into one.
  4. You must’ve heard a lot about non-surgical facelifts. A surgical facelift tightens your neck, jawline, smoothes the jowls, & makes you look gorgeous, while another type of facelift called non-surgical facelift uses fillers, Neurotoxin, etc. to add a volume to your face & also reduces wrinkles. Albeit fillers & Neurotoxin are also very beneficial in improving the facial appearance, but they don’t have the ability to produce exactly the same results that a surgical facelift does.
  5. Before going for a surgical facelift, it is crucial to see a specialist who is an expert in both surgical, as well as non-surgical facelifts to improve & rejuvenate the overall appearance of the face. For some, a facelift might be the perfect procedure, but for others, Neurotoxin & fillers may just suit fine. It is thus extremely important to see an expert surgeon who is highly experienced in performing both the procedures as they would know which one would suit you the best.

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