5 Important Things to know About Hair Transplant Surgery

More and more hair in comb making you nervous and upset. Hair loss is increasingly becoming a common problem amongst the young men and women, which when left unattended may become baldness. If you are planning to undergo a hair transplant surgery to get your hair as well as your confidence back, then you are making a right decision as hair transplantation can prove to be a lasting solution to baldness. It is a surgical procedure which basically works by extracting hair from the back of the scalp and transplanting it in the bald area. There can be hundreds of hair transplantation clinics in India, especially in major cities like Delhi, Mumbai etc.

As Hair transplantation is an important step, it is preeminent to wisely educate yourself as much as possible and be properly prepared. One should have an in-depth understanding about the procedure, the precautions and the recovery process. There are numerous things you need to scrutinize before making up your mind for a hair restoration procedure. Here, we have put together 5 important things that you should know before getting a hair transplant.

The Two Most Favored Procedures – FUE vs. FUT

Though there are many procedures used- the two most popular hair transplant procedures are – FUE which stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation or the ‘Strip’ method. The FUT is an older method which includes cutting and removing a strip of skin and hair from donor’s scalp and transplanting it into the balding or thinning areas, whereas the FUE is a latest technique in which small incisions are made around each hair follicle unit, and the hair is transplanted to the balding or thinning area. The FUT method leaves a scar on donor scalp and requires a long post-operative care, whereas FUE leaves no visible scar and takes less time and aftercare but is an expensive process. So before going for a surgery, gain a complete insight and all the indispensable knowledge and choose your method precisely with utmost care.

The Cost Involved

Cost is always a vital factor that one should consider before going for a surgery. While considering the cost, it is important to take into consideration the experience of the surgeon and the types of procedures and the technique they follow to perform the surgery. But never solely base your decision on costs as what might seem cost effective now might prove expensive later on correcting or redoing a surgery again. The success rates, the quality of aftercare, knowledge and experience of a surgeon are vital parameters that should be kept in mind while selecting your doctor. Satisfactory and enduring results require time and money.

Be cognizant about Skin & Hair Type

The texture and the color of hair and the contrast in skin or scalp color are the two important things that one should be cognizant of, as there are certain types of hair that requires a much experienced surgeon. The thick, curly, and coarse hair are likely to work best as they look natural and covers the scalp more effectively than fine hair. One should not forget to match the color of hair with the color of their skin. The hair transplant would look natural only when the color of both hair and skin matches. So to achieve the maximum success with the best possible results & with lesser scarring, an expert Hair Transplant Surgeon who possesses the knowledge of how to care for your skin and hair type should be selected.

Experience & Reputation of Surgeon

Once you have made up your mind from where to get the procedure done, make sure that your clinic and the surgeon have great professional experience and expertise in performing hair transplants. Make sure to check the before-after pictures of patients on whom the procedures have been performed and if possible talk to the previous patients. Feel free to talk to your surgeon about his qualifications and experience. Do check the online reputation of the doctor, surgeons and the clinics as this is one of the ways from where you can get to know about the reviews of the previous patients

Comprehend the risks and complication

Last but not the least, find out from the surgeon or the other staff of the clinic about the likely risks and complications associated with hair transplant surgery. Do ensure about what steps and necessary precautions they take to minimize the risk. Put all your queries and doubts in front of your doctor and make sure that the answer who get is genuine and satisfactory by cross checking it. Always remain alert of everything that might go wrong, as well as everything that might go right.

So, prepare your checklist before going for a surgery and do check all points to restore your confidence back and say goodbye to balding head. If you are looking out for hair transplant surgery in Delhi NCR then choose Dr. Monisha Kapoor Aesthetics, a one of the most renowned clinic. Dr. Monisha Kapoor is a highly experienced surgeon who with her high expertise & knowledge in this field ensures that you get the best results. It is ranked as one of the best clinics in Delhi as they treat their patients with world class equipment’s & techniques, as per the global standards in the plastic surgery industry. So, choose Dr. Monisha Kapoor and see the difference!

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