Know all about Lip Augmentation Procedure: Types and Benefits

A smile is the best thing that a person can wear. The best smile always comes from the perfect lips. The lips are symbolic of elegance and beauty of a person. Perfectly shaped, sensuous lips have always been considered as quintessential and are something that everyone aspires to have. Well shaped lips are also thought-out to be a sign of good health and youth. However, not everybody is gifted with such rich, full lips. So, if you have thin lips from birth or they are thinning due to the natural aging process, there is no need to get depressed about it as there are many ways to enhance them.

Year after year, millions of women are looking for ways to regain volume and fullness for their lips done either through a lip enhancement surgical method or with the help of injectable fillers. Lip augmentation is a well-known cosmetic procedure that helps in restoring volume to the lips and can be performed on both upper and lower lips, individually or simultaneously.

Grown-ups of nearly any age especially females can be the good candidates for lip augmentation. Those who have thin lips or feel that their lips disappear when they smile or an age-related decrease in lip volume can especially benefit from lip enhancement procedure. With this process, lip volume can be increased and the appearance of lipstick lines caused by age-related wrinkling along the lip border can be reduced.

There are various methods for lip enhancement. The surgeon you choose will suggest you about the various options for lip enhancement depending on your beauty goals and time frame for recovery. Some of such procedures are:

Fat transfer or Fat grafting

In fat transfer procedure, fat from your own body is extracted via liposuction from the fatty areas of the body like buttocks or thighs and is reinjected into the lips. This process of lip enhancement through fat transfer provides long-lasting results.

Injection of Fillers

Lip augmentation is also done by injecting the lips with hyaluronic acid fillers like Restylane. It is an easy and a quick way to enlarge the lips and can result in a fuller, chubby lips in just an hour. It helps in filling creases and thereby provides you with more youthful contours.

Lip Implant Surgery

In a Lip implant surgery, an implant either made of natural or synthetic material can be inserted through tiny incisions made in the corners of the mouth. It is relatively simpler and generally takes about an hour or so to complete the procedure. So, before going for a surgery discuss with your surgeon which option is best suited for you.

Benefits of Lip Augmentation:

  1. Steady and simple treatment

Lip Augmentation is becoming one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures nowadays because it’s a simple and a secure treatment that helps in achieving attractive lips in just 15-20 minutes. Almost all injectable treatments take about an hour to complete. Although permanent Lip Implant Surgery may be performed in some hours as it requires Anesthesia, while your surgeon makes small incisions. A person must not have any allergy related to either anesthesia or another medicine which is usually checked prior to Lip Augmentation procedures.

  1. Less recovery time

As most patients prefer to go for nonsurgical lip augmentation procedure, the recovery time they take is just a few days. Generally, patients can restart their normal routine activities almost immediately. Those who undergo invasive Lip implant surgery usually recover within few weeks with some precautions as suggested by their surgeons.

  1. Less marks and bruises

The fillers used for the lip enhancement Restylane, leave patients with fewer marks, bruises, swelling, and with just few side effects. Patients who undergo Lip Implants surgery may experience some swelling and minor uneasiness after the procedure. Patients who undergo lip implant are generally advised to use ice packs for 1-2 days after the procedure and the stitches which are used in the surgery are removed after few days. All a patient must do is to follow the precautions as advised by their cosmetic surgeon.

  1. Permanent results

Usually the non-surgical lip augmentation done with the fillers last for some months, however, they are not considered long-lasting, and patients may have to make follow-up visits to uphold the results. Though, temporary measures can appeal patients, especially those who want to try out with plump lips but do not want to carry out with the same look forever. Lip Implants, however, generally provides with permanent results without much care.

These are not all. There are many other reasons which are making lip augmentation popular among people from all over the globe. But, before you undergo the procedure have a word with your surgeon. If possible go for the expert consultation, do as much research as you can on lip augmentation either by asking the patients who have already gone through the procedure, about their experiences, or search out on the internet. This will help you have a better knowledge base and understanding of the pros and cons of the treatment. Scrutinize the details and do remember that at the end, it is about your own lips. So follow what your heart says and have confidence in your own words.

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