Liposuction Surgery in Delhi

Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Surgery in Delhi, Liposuction as the name suggests is the procedure where in subcutaneous fat under the skin is removed with the help of suction device.

Liposuction is the best choice in resistant body fat where in spite of excel using & diet control, the fat pockets doesn’t seem to budge a bit.

It takes usually an hour to do one area of liposuction. It’s usually a day care procedure where patient returns home the same day.

Slight oozing of blood stained fluid from port site may be expected after liposuction upto 48 hours which is quite normal & resuming normal day to day task takes around 7 days after liposuction.

Bruising after liposuction is very common & takes around 3 weeks to clear completely.

Swelling after liposuction usually takes 3-6 months, which is good time period for expecting good result after the procedure.

Liposuction is practically very safe if done by properly qualified doctor i.e. Plastic Surgeon only.

Patient should enquire about the qualification & degrees of the doctor i.e. M.S. & M.Ch. (Plastic Surgeon), before handing over their bodies to the doctor as liposuction may end up in a disaster if not done by a plastic surgeon.

Thigh Lipsuction –

Liposuction surgery

Stay Alert & Stay Safe For The Best Result In Liposuction

Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery What’s the Difference?

If you have always think that plastic surgery  and cosmetic surgery were one in the same, you are not alone. A significant number of plastic surgeons choose to focus their practice on cosmetic surgery, and as such, the terms are often used interchangeably. But this is not technically correct. Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery are closely related specialties, but they are not the same.

1.Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Surgery  Have Different Goals

While both cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery deal with improving a patient’s body, the overarching philosophies guiding the training, research, and goals for patient outcomes are different.

Modern plastic surgery innovation:

Liposuction surgery became widespread and more acceptable by the general public. Body skin flaps and skin grafts were trendy during that time as surgeons were able to push past previous thresholds to make it possible for war-injured men to return to work and to their families as a result of cosmetic adjustments.

A healthy lifestyle keeps the fat away:

Though many plastic/Cosmetic surgeons deny having seen their own patients regain weight after liposuction surgery, the research shows how important it is for women to take up a healthy lifestyle both before and following their procedure. The body may be calibrated to hold onto fat after fat cells have been removed during a liposuction surgery, but through proper diet and exercise, patients should still be able to keep control of their weight in order to maintain excellent results after surgery. We can say clearly liposuction is not the ideal procedure for body weight loss, but it is still the procedure of choice for body sculpting and for creating the appearance of a toned physique.

Say Goodbye to Excess Body Fat with Liposuction surgery:

Liposuction Surgery in Delhi, We are concerned about the way we look. Our body structure is very important to us as it gives us a feeling of satisfaction and confidence we often look for. We all want to look our very best and in an age where self-image is becoming more and more popular, men and women alike are trying out new methods to improve their existing physical appearance. Be it opting for cosmetic products or trying out herbal remedies, people are spending thousands of money to try and get their body image right. In an era where our first impression speaks a ton about us, people are going out of their way to try new methods of beauty and rectification. And the easiest way to do that came with medical science.

 Liposuction and the procedure

Medical science technology has now made it possible to reduce excess body fat from an individual. The resulting effect is a very slim and well-toned body figure. Liposuction surgery has existed for quite a while now and is gaining popularity like never before. The new methods and procedure incorporate cosmetic/plastic surgery in order to remove excess body fat and change the shape of a body structure. This new method is becoming popular as it can spot reduce fat meaning the person undergoing the liposuction surgery can have fat removed from any part of his body he/she deserved to. Several plastic/cosmetic surgery clinics have emerged in Delhi and NCR. We at Plastic Suregon Monisha Kapoor Clinic assists you to achieve the figure you deserves.

Can the fat return after a liposuction surgery?

Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure that involves suctioning unwanted fat out of your body to create more pleasing physical proportions and immediate, best results. Nearly 225,000 liposuction procedures were performed in 2015/2016. The procedure is used to make a sculpted, toned appearance to the body or to slim down places that have accumulated excess body fat. But liposuction is not supposed to be recommended to patients as a reduce weight procedure. Recent studies have shed more light on why liposuction isn’t effective for weight loss.

Cosmetic Surgery: Focused on Enhancing Appearance

Liposuction Surgery in Delhi, The procedures, techniques, and principles of cosmetic surgery are entirely focused on enhancing a patient’s appearance. Improving aesthetic appeal and proportion are the key goals. Cosmetic surgery can be performed on all areas of the body, head and neck, Because the treated areas function properly, cosmetic surgery is elective. Cosmetic surgery is practiced by doctors from a variety of medical fields, including plastic surgeons.

Liposuction Surgery in Delhi by Expert Plastic Surgeon Monisha Kapoor.

The scope of cosmetic surgery procedures includes below:

  • Breast Enhancement: Augmentation, Lift, Reduction
  • Facial Rejuvenation: Face lift, Eyelid Lift, Neck Lift, Brow Lift
  • Body Contouring: Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Gynecomastia Treatment

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