Tattoo removal result after 6 sitting (Comparison between the spouses)

Tattoo Removal

Best Treatment for tattoo removal  is “Q-switch Nd YAG” laser.“Q+C EVO” by quanta is the strongest laser for tattoo removal. surgery is not a choice treatment. Tattoo looks very nice when they are freshly made & in young teenage years but later in life when people start applying for jobs like Defence Forces, Police and Flight Crew, it creates major problems. Candidates are rejected in medical examination even though they have achieved excellent scores in written exams. Only after they are rejected, people come to know the importance of not having tattoos. They look for quick options like plastic surgery which infact is not the treatment for tattoos as it leaves a scar on that area and that is also the reason for rejection in lot of interveiws.

The treatment of choice for tattoo removal is Q-switch Nd: YAG laser and Quanta Q+C EVO ,which is the strongest tattoo removal laser treatment available in India only at Dr. Monisha Kapoor Aesthetics. Though other Q-Switch lasers are also effective,but they are not as strong as quanta Q-switch.

People who are looking for career in  segments like defence, police & flight crew and even MNC should plan tattoo removal an year in advance and not few months before an interview, as it take 10-15 sitting 3 weeks apart for the tattoo to get removed. Quick & rash, desperate decisions of getting plastic surgery to get tattoo removed do not serve any purpose.  The candidate is left cheated as he/she even after spending money to get into their choice profession  gets rejected because of the scar that cosmetic surgery leaves behind. As it takes 1 year and above for that scar to lighten up.

Apart from job many young people get their first love name written on their body & after breakup want that name to be erased forever. In this case Q-switch is an ideal choice to be considered immediately and not a month before marriage as it takes number of sitting to remove it completely. For school going children, it’s advisable they get their tattoo removed in 12th standard so that they are not rejected in any professional courses.

On an average tattoo removal per sitting costs anywhere between Rupees 5000/- to 15,000/- depending upon the size of tattoos and number of colours used in these tattoos. Quanta Q+C EVC is the only laser in India that is capable of removing green, red and yellow colours also as compared to other Q switch available in India.

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