The disease that broke my spine and I could not speak to anyone about it!

Why it’s a taboo to speak about your breast problems in India. It took me 5-6 years to open up about my problem. The taboo of relating any issue concerning breast to cosmetic surgery in huge in India. If I discussed it with my friends, that I want to get my breast surgery done & the usual answer I got was – you don’t wear a bikini like foreigners so why you want to get it done?

# let me get this straight

Breast surgery is not always cosmetic surgery” I need to shout out this sentence to everyone who comments & dissuades their near & dear ones to not get it done.

I was suffering from large breasts from past 10 years & it was getting impossible for my spine and neck to be carrying that much of weight. At night my shoulders used to hurt and my neck used to ache as if someone had tied bricks around my neck. It was a miserable condition. I lived in for almost 10 years and every time I gathered courage to speak about it, almost everyone told me the same line “Tune kya kisi ko dikahan hai”

Then I went to Dr. Monisha Kapoor (Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon) with my husband and asked her.

best Breast surgery in India

Ques.  Is large breast surgery a cosmetic surgery?

Ans. No, it’s a medical problem affecting the cervical spine by putting excessive weight on the neck leading to cervical spondylosis (bending of neck spine). Breast reduction is done to relieve these symptoms.

Ques. Also I am having lot of red rashes under my breast, is it a skin disease?

Ans. No, it’s result of large breast only. As these large breasts tissue rub against the abdomen. skin. Sweat  further deteriorates the condition by moist environment that increases the bacteria growth leading to skin infection.

Ques. Does this surgery lead to breast cancer?

Ans . No, it doesn’t, it on the   other hand decreases the chances of developing breast cancer as excusive breast tissue is removed at the time of surgery.

Ques. How much time it takes to do the breast reduction surgery?

Ans. It takes on an average 3 to 3.5 hours to do the surgery.

Ques. Do I need to stay in the hospital & for how many days?

Ans. You can be discharged within 24 hours of server and can recover comfortably at home.

Ques. What is the time of recovery following breast reduction surgery and when can I go back to work.

Ans. You should at least take a week off from your work and resume desk job after a week but restrain from heavy weight lifting like huge bags or moving heavy objects.

Ques. Will it be very painful?

Ans. No as you would be under effect of anesthesia you won’t feel any pain and after surgery you will be prescribed pain killers to subside pain.

Ques. What can go wrong or the side-effects?

Ans. As its surgery, complication is rare but documented these are breast asymmetry, sarcoma, infection but can be avoided by following proper surgical technique.

Ques – Are there any scars and are they permanent?

Ans. – Yes, there’s inverted or tennis racket shaped scars. Around the nipple and below it but they are hidden & it takes 6-12 months for the scars to little down but they always stay though not visible.

Ques. – Do I need to wear a special bra?

Ans. – Yes, you are supposed to wear a pressure garment for at least a month & avoid underwire bra.

Ques. – When can I start to use scar creams?

Ans. – After complete healing of scats usually 7-10 days, you can start to used these creams.

Ques. – Finally how much it costs?

Ans – Cost depends upon the amount of work that needs to be done. The average cost range is from 1.80 to 3.80 lakh INR depending upon whether liposuction of side rolls or concomitant breast lift needs to be done or nipple enlargement.

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