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Meso PRP Body

Meso & PRP Body
When we age, our skin’s ability to produce collagen diminishes and the
skin becomes less hydrated. PRP face mesotherapy is an anti-aging
treatment which uses growth factors contained in platelets to treat
the signs of ageing and has grasped much popularity.

The growth factors used in the PRP Meso therapy are proteins which
have regenerating and re-constructive properties, part of our body and
what the body needs to heal itself. They have the ability to enhance
damaged tissue repair and re-activate the autological factors in your
body’s repair system, and activate the stem cells. During the Meso and
PRP Body sessions, important growth factors are injected under the
skin which are responsible for tissue regeneration. In this way, the
action of platelets is stimulated such that more stem cells will be
activated, getting your skin to regenerate more efficiently and
restoring skin flexibility.