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Hand Feet Rejuvenation

Hand Feet Rejuvenation

Hand and Feet Rejuvenation through fat transfer involves processed fat
from the patient’s own body to recontour the patient’s hands. Fillers
and Fat transfers beautify the feet and there have been successful
results using both techniques. The procedure is also known as autologous
fat transplantation.

Beautifying the Feet with Fat Transfer and Fillers are possible and
there have been successful reports using both techniques. Fat cells are
removed by liposuction from the donor area. The fat cells are then
cleaned and processed, and then injected into the wrinkled area. All you
get is soft and natural looking hands and feet.
Dr Monisha is one of the best and most reliable plastic surgeons to
perform hand and feet rejuvenation. A fat transfer procedure transfers
fat from areas in which there is excess fat and injects into areas that
may be lacking in volume such as your hands, feet.

Hand Rejuvenation

Feet Rejuvenation