Cheek Implants & Augmentation Surgery in Delhi, India


Cheek Bones Implant Surgery By Dr. Monisha Kapoor In Delhi, India
A high cheek bones implant and surgery can render the look of larger cheek bones. The surgery helps in the removal of the mid cheek, buccal fat pad, which will make the cheek bone appear larger by default. High cheek bones give a more striking look to your appearance.

You may have lost them over time as gravity may pull the soft tissues covering the cheekbones down. This lower fat fills the hollow area below the cheekbones which makes the cheeks appear even worse. A cheek implant or a filler, including fat, can be used for elevating the cheeks surgically. If you do not wish to opt for a surgery, then alone fillers can be used alone to lend volume to the cheeks and one gets good results.

Surgical cheek implants, called malar augmentation is performed with silastic, solid silicone, or Medpor implants to correct the loss of cheeks volume. The implants are placed under anesthesia through the mouth. At Dr Monisha’s Clinic, we understand that every individual has a unique cheek symmetry, hence we have numerous sizes and shapes available.