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Men Makeover

Men Makeover

Men Makeovers
While makeover seems common amongst females, to look his best is something every man secretly wishes for.

Male chest reshaping
Gynecomastia is a common condition among men, where chest shape has taken on a more feminine appearance. It is caused when abnormal amounts of fat develop in the breast area of a man. It can be tough to cope with the condition as it cannot be shifted or loosened with weight loss plans and other exercises. A surgery may help the condition.

Six pack abs
Abdominal etching takes liposuction to the next level and is a safe way to give the abs more definition. The procedure involves an advance level of detailing and distinction to the abdomen and you get those Six-Packs.

Jaw line contours
Jaw line contours are an important feature in the masculine appearance. An appropriate filler or surgical jaw implants can naturally stimulate volume to contour men’s jaw lines and render them a more masculine look.

Eye bag removal
Eyes bags are an annoyance and become a chronic condition as we age. Eye bags are the appearance of the lower eyelid fat pads that become a chronic condition as we age. Eyebags can also cause functional problems, such as vision obstruction. As we age and lose facial volume, the bags become more prominent and can be removed through a surgical procedure.

Nose Restructuring
Rhinoplasty is surgery to reshape the nose and enhance the facial harmony. It can make the nose larger or smaller; alter the nose size in relation to facial balance, change the nose width at the bridge in relation to the upper lip, alter the tip of the nose, or correct bumps, indentations, or other defects in the nose.

Laser Hair Reduction
Male hair removal has become increasingly popular for the metro sexual, modern man and stylish grooms. Laser hair removal is an efficient and ideal treatment for those wanting a smooth chest or hair free back. The procedure can also help beard reshaping for a sharp edgy beard shape to render a tidy and masculine mlook.

Beard Reshaping
Gone are the days when only women opted for laser treatments. Today even men can go all the way when it comes to grooming themselves. With the advent of beard hair removal and beard reshaping through laser, men do not have to spend countless hours grooming, shaving, or tweezing his facial hair. Men too can get rid of unwanted facial hair, which also helps save precious time in their daily routine.

Men Makeover