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Our skin speaks for us. Most people want their skin to be flawless, but more often than not we take it for granted. Our skin suffers the most in our constant fight against the sun or the pollution and even ageing. And sometimes, there are things beyond our control such as birthmarks, bad tattoos, scars, etc. At Dr.Monisha’s Aesthetics, we help you get rid of these problems while rejuvenating your skin – making you look younger. With our team of highly qualified skin experts, you too can achieve a flawless skin. And don’t worry, it won’t leave any scar!

Why go for Skin Treatment?

  • It rejuvenates the skin.
  • It helps you get rid of birthmarks,tattoos and other scars.
  • Skin toning to help fight you against wrinkles and loose skin.
  • Laser hair reduction to remove unwanted hair.