Full Body Polishing – Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi for Liposuction Surgery, Hair Transplant and Tummy Tuck

Aging, acne, or plenty of time in the skin can cause damage to the skin and leaves your face with blotches, scars, wrinkles, or lines.
Laser resurfacing technique may help look your skin younger and healthier. The process may involve just the face or the whole body, and can be termed as full body polishing.

This skin rejuvenation technique removes skin layer by layer with precision. As the new skin cells form during healing, the skin gets a tighter, younger looking surface.

Skin resurfacing/rejuvenation such as but not limited to scars, ephalides, lentigens, freckles, solar lentigo (age spots, sun spots), seborrheic keratosis, actinic keratosis, becker nevus, dsychromia, fine lines and wrinkles. Laser resurfacing involves direct, concentrated and intense light beam that treats damages surface skin. It can cover a wide range of skin problems including facial aging, sun damage and hyperpigmentation.

Quanta Q Plus C is the most efficient platform tailored to suit your needs.

Patients who opt for Full Body Polishing also undergo Silk Peel Dermalinfusion, designed to improve the appearance of skin. Silk Peel is a technologically advanced microdermabrasion system to perform a controlled skin exfoliation. It corrects skin abnormalities that are originated in the epidermis and the most superficial layers of the dermis. The maximum versatility and full abrasion power in a compact design helps srape away dead skin and sweeps away dead skin cells.
Silk Peel microdermabrasion is fully controlled by a microprocessor. Equipped with electronic vacuum level adjustment, a digital control panel and other innovations to enhance functionality and ergonomics, Silk Peel is an ideal treatment for various skin imperfections and full body polishing.