Ultra Pulse – Best Plastic Surgeon in Delhi for Liposuction Surgery, Hair Transplant and Tummy Tuck

Ultra Pulse

UltraPulse laser is the most powerful CO2 laser in aesthetic medicine and can penetrate deeper than any aesthetic CO2 laser. This one is known for stretching the limits of performance and is more powerful and safer also combined with great versatility. With six times the power of CO2, UltraPulse good for everyday procedures and the thickest and most complex lesions.

DeepFX™ and ActiveFX™ Fractional Modes are combined with great versatility and precision for all your resurfacing needs. The CoolScan technology is designed for enhanced patient safety and comfort.

One can expect optimal clinical outcomes with minimal excess heating.The versatility of both deep and superficial skin resurfacing in the Ultra Pulse powerful laser has a proven efficacy in dozens of clinical studies and peer-reviewed publications. The process also stimulates the formation over time of new, underlying collagen and is the best available treatment for deep, thick lesions. The CO2 laser has the shortest pulse duration, widest safety margin and the lowest chance of side effects involved. Dr Monisha Kapoor is one of the best renowned cosmetic surgeons to perform Ultra Pulse laser treatment for treating wrinkles, scars and cosmetic lesions. The skin resurfacing is so precise and your skin finds a better elasticity and support.