Eyebrows loss is a common problem these days both in men and women. All beautiful faces across the globe has well defined eyebrows. Loss of eyebrows and thinning of eyebrows give aged and tired look to the face. Fuller eyebrows add a dash of charm and grace to even the most plain Jane faces.

Eyebrows loss has led many to use eyebrow pencil or makeup for definition but in a country like India with hot and humid climate and heavy monsoon , there’s fear of running down of colour on the face making it embarrassing for the wearer and making a mess of everything like clothes , handkerchief and rest of the face makeup while trying to clean it.

Lot of men with thinner eyebrows because of this reason cannot even think of applying eyebrows pencil. The new Technology of 3 D eyebrow reconstruction is a non surgical way of creating fuller eyebrows in just an hour and the person can attend the party same day. Dr Monisha kapoor Aesthetics is the first centre in India to be doing it for the last 5 years and teach other professionals too of this state of art technology to help people achieve fuller eyebrows without looking messy. It looks extremely natural as you can see in the picture and the difference can be appreciated between the right and left brow. Microblading or eyebrows filling can be done in any age group with any medical condition and is done both for men and women..

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